Teletubbies Hill in the Mount Bromo Tour Area

Teletubbies Hill in the Mount Bromo Tour Area – One of the hills right on the side of Mount Bromo. So travelers who come to Mount Bromo Tour are usually packaged by visit Teletubbies Hill. Why is it called Teletubbies Hill? If it is usually called a place base on the location or village name, this is different. So the name of Teletubbies was taken from one of the television cartoon series in the 90s to 2000s.

This Teletubbies cartoon shows four dolls that live every day in the open and hill world. The hill in the cartoon is very similar to the Teletubbies hill on Mount Bromo Tour. Until now the cartoon has become one of the legendary cartoons for children in the year 90. More than that, if you visit the Teletubbies hill this makes us alive in the cartoon world.

When travelers go to the hills of Teletubbies, they will pass the sea of ?? sand which also has its own beauty and sensations. To pass through the desert must use a jeep. And because of the thickness of the sand, the vehicle runs a little slower. There is a special sensation that travelers can feel on this trip. And that sensation will be the impression of a holiday from the visit of Mount Bromo Tour.
What can we do while on the Teletubbies hill?

1. Take pictures with various styles from various sides. The natural beauty that is present makes us want to always capture it from every traveler. So that, not a few people intentionally hold a photo season on the Mount Bromo Tour Teletubbies hill.
2. Enjoy a beautiful sunrise. In addition to the sunrise that can spoil your eyes, also the beauty of the green expanse of grass combined with the uplift of weeds makes the thickness in the soul and in our minds. The taste and sensation that we cannot get from other attractions beside Mount Bromo Tour.
3. Special photos at certain hours. For example, you who intend to pre-wedding photos or family photos that are anti-mainstream can be done on the Mount Bromo Tour Teletubbies hill.

a few notes to keep in mind if you plan to visit the Teletubbies hill on Mount Bromo Tour. Make sure the weather is okay from the morning because if you come with bad weather conditions, you will not get the expected natural atmosphere. Use clothes that are comfortable and make you warmer because the wind there is quite large and gives a rather cold sensation.

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